A Word for 2022

A few years back, it was the all the rage to choose a word as a theme to guide your year, rather than making resolutions that would inevitably be broken by the first week of January. I’m not sure if it’s still something many people do but I’m not really one for fashions. It doesn’t feel like New Year (nor did it feel much like Christmas) with all the Omicron anxiety and the presence of global warming up close and personal (16C at this time of year is disgusting), and the constant grey skies are utterly depressing – so all the more reason to try to Do Something Positive?

So, without further ado, my word for 2022 is Growth. I was hardly a model of productivity and entrepreneurship in 2021 but I started a few things that I think have the potential to grow further, though they’re likely to take several years. Growth in confidence is also important, especially when it comes to advocating for what my skills are worth in terms of £ (it’s such a challenge when you’re a) female, b) trying to work in an industry that relies on unpaid labour to a considerable extent).

The photo for this post is of the primrose (probably another sign of global warming) growing above the resting spot of my beloved polydactyl cat Paddy, who was put to sleep on 24 February 2021 at the age of 18. Paddy is loved and remembered every day, and his successor (not replacement), Ezra, very quickly grew into the role of a new true best friend and feline soulmate.

</Here endeth the navel gazing>