ABCs of Summer

A bit of silliness to celebrate getting this site (more or less) up and running. I’m not a natural at website building or self promotion and I’m grateful for the encouragement and constructive feedback I’ve received.

This summer so far feels similar to the situation we were in last year but with one key difference – vaccinations. Nothing can be taken for granted but this is what I have in mind for the next couple of months, all going well:

Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser at the V&A looks absolutely spectacular. I’m booked for next month.

Book Club. We’re discussing Mrs Dalloway this Sunday and Funny Boy by Shyam Selvadurai in July.

Clear out stuff I don’t need. I don’t know where it all comes from.

Day trips, especially to the seaside. Ramsgate, perhaps.

Ezra. This gorgeous, funny, crazy tuxedo cat joined the family in April following the loss of our beloved 18-year-old polydactyl tabby Paddy. Ezra immediately proved himself a terrific Hon and is starting to go into the garden under supervision (it’s hard not be a ‘helicopter parent’). Hopefully he’ll be fully trained and roaming freely (and safely) soon. I’m grateful that he doesn’t seem too adventurous so far.

Frolicking in the garden with Ezra and further afield (not with Ezra). I’ll never take public transport for granted again. The cabin fever of the third lockdown was a real low point.

Garden Museum. I’ve never been and I like the sound of the exhibition about Constance Spry.

Hammock time. My favourite reading spot, made more special by the fact it’s restricted to the summer months.

Ice cream. It’s been a long time since I went to Udderlicious – the best!

Just post stuff on this blog without feeling too self-conscious. 

Kensington Palace’s Royal Style in the Making exhibition. I do like a good luxury fashion exhibition.

Light evenings and dining al fresco.

Make some new-to-me dishes – I do tend to rely on the same recipes.

Nails – having a summer pedicure is the most decadent activity of my year.

Open air as much as possible, in the shade and always wearing sunscreen and a hat. I love my new straw hat.

Postcrossing. International postage from the UK is ridiculously expensive but sending a few cards a week always gives me something to look forward to (I enjoy sending as much as receiving, if not more).

Quilting, My friend Dorothy is going to teach me and I’m very excited even though sewing machines scare me.

Reviewing some books on this blog – Instagram is all well and good but it is limiting.

Self promotion. As I said, I hate it but I need to be better at putting myself forward as I do have quite a lot to offer!

Theatre. It’s what I’ve missed most in lockdown and I’m particularly excited about reviewing La Boheme at the Royal Opera House.

Up to the BEat Fitness is my favourite home workout channel. Every little helps but I’d like to develop my feeble stamina.

Vaccinations – I had my first one on Bank Holiday Monday at the Science Museum. It was extremely well organised and I’m very grateful. Roll on August for the second!

Walthamstow Wetlands. Another place that’s been on my ‘to visit’ list for ages.

X (cross) stitch again – I used to enjoy it but have fallen out of the habit.

Yoga. Of the multitude of YouTube yogis, I’m partial to YogaUpload with the ever-so-serene Maris Aylward.

Zonking out.